proMEDIALOG - Professional Mediation via Dialog

  • proMEDIALOG provides professional advisory and mediation services in the area of corporate, consumer, citizen and family disputes. Our mediation specialists are licensed and registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic and are bound by the European Mediation Act. Our further advisory services include also peadagogical psychology counseling.

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  • Mediation is an informal, confidential and voluntary out of court dispute resolution procedure highly efficient for parties who wish to find a mutually satisfactory solution to their issue while preserving their relationships and further cooperation.

  • The mediator acts as an experienced, neutral and independent intermediary who, via discussion facilitation techniques, aids both parties in the settlement of their dispute and attempts to have the parties negotiate a good resolution of their dispute. The process is fully confidential and voluntary for all parties.

  • The goal of mediation is to reach an agreement which is mutually satisfactory for the parties and has been formulated in a realistic and specific settlement agreement. After its approval by a court or a notary, the agreement is legally binding for both parties, similar to a court resolution. As part of the court proceedings, mediation halts preclusive and limitation periods.


  • Mgr. Andrea Vyskočilová is lawyer and mediator, provides mediation in Czech and English. She is accredited mediator with the Mediation Association in the CR and a consumer mediator with the ADR projects of Ministry of Industry and Trade. Andrea has over eight years business practice with an international law firm, focusing on corporate law and securities law.

  • Ing. Jana Karakolevová, MSc.Finance provides mediation in English and Czech. She has over ten years experience in mergers and acquisitions advisory, financings, due diligence and conflict resolution including transaction negotiations.


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